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Steel, plastic, nitrile rubber.
So as not to exceed the specified adjustment loads, it is not just the proportional machine load that has to be considered. The sum of all occurring loads must be taken into account. These include dynamic loads, alternating loads and the preloads on the Wellenstein expansion screw (anchor rod).
Suitable for adjustment loads of up to 15 tonnes.
The heavy-duty anchors apply the centre double wedge principle.
With the centre double wedge principle, the machine support height is adjusted by two wedges instead of one. The wedge movements are consistent and free of play.
With the double wedge, the force acting on the lifting mechanism is halved.
The spherical machine support on vulcanised nitrile rubber compensates for unevenness in the floor, acts as slip protection, is oil-resistant, protects the machine from undesired vibrations, provides insulation from structure-borne noise, and is resistant to aggressive media. The filler-free rubber compound is not deformed or compressed by the static load of the machine.
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